Welcome to Art 188: Art & Society (Renaissance to Modern)!

This course will introduce you to major figures, issues, works, and concepts in art of the last 700 years. This site operates as both a textbook and a dynamic resource where you can complete readings before class and explore topics in more depth. Most of the course readings (including videos and media links) will be posted here, navigable via the menu on the top of the home page. Select readings may be available on the course Canvas site and will be indicated here.

Most of the content is found in the links on each page, these guide you to resources that are vetted by scholars on specific topics and artworks. This website is both a repository of the resources assigned for this class and a means to connect them together with contextual information and discussion questions.

All readings are to be completed before the class date indicated on the page.

It is strongly recommended that you take notes on readings prior to coming to class, particularly to write down anything that is unclear or that you would like to discuss.

At the bottom of each page is a link to a printable outline of the corresponding lecture that you may use for taking notes during class.