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More on the furry teacup

Just came across this great piece on the lesser-known side of Meret Oppenheim’s Object. Enjoy!

Realism and Labor

Interesting article that discusses Courbet’s painting The Stonebreakers and connects it to contemporary art.

Additional resources and reading for early-mid 19th century art

Please find below resources on a few themes, artworks, and crossovers with contemporary culture or literature I’ve mentioned in the past few weeks. Kehinde Wiley makes large paintings that appropriate famous compositions from European art and insert contemporary Black figures…. Continue Reading →

More on equestrian monuments, past and present

Great conversation in class today everyone! I promised I would look up and share a few things, so here are some resources. First, here’s a video on the lost wax casting method used to make bronze sculptures: Leia did some… Continue Reading →

Welcome Fall 2020 Class!

Hello Students! Welcome to a new semester and to Art 188! I know this term is going to be a bit strange with taking classes online. I will greatly miss projecting artworks at a large scale and seeing all of… Continue Reading →

When artists are bad people: rethinking Gauguin in the museum

A Machiavellian Art Historical Mystery

Guest Post by Sarah Kubican: The art world is getting a Machiavellian twist: a letter from one hundred forty-five years ago discovered last year in a chateau previously owned by an influential diplomat who served under Napoleon’s and other French… Continue Reading →

Call for Student Artwork and Writing about Art!

Effusions Journal, the student publication of the Department of Art, is accepting submissions for this year’s issue. They are due on December 14th and can be sent to More details below.

The Story behind Manet’s Models

Current Event: Funding Renovations to Notre Dame

Guest post by Sarah Kubican: Everyone remembers the fire that devastated Notre Dame de Paris during April; it had my co-workers at the time glued to their computer screens, captivated by the idea of an international icon sending smoke into… Continue Reading →

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